Sautun Noor


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ZIKRULLAH - Ey Mere Mawla - Mln I Thanvi RA [1pq3]Live
  • HAZRAT SHAYKH ZULFIQAR AHMAD NAQSHBANDI - Living a Good Life, Living on the Path to Allah
  • ZIKRULLAH - Iztiraab-e-Ishq - Mufti Irshad DB [1pq7]
  • ZIKRULLAH - Shaykh Zulfiqar Zikr 4 [1pqg]
  • ZIKRULLAH - Mera Salaam [1pqb]
  • HAZRAT MAULANA YUNUS PATEL (RA) - TasawwufMadeEasy-Part1
  • ZIKRULLAH - Yaar Rahe Yaa Rabb - Mln I Thanvi RA [1pql]
  • HAZRAT MAULANA YUNUS DAYA - Special - Marriage program - Moulana Yunus Daya 061011
  • ZIKRULLAH - 03-khoob-namay-MUHAMMAD-saw-hay-ay-momino [1ppR]
  • HAZRAT MAULANA YUNUS PATEL (RA) - z2008-11-13 [1oZu]


On air 24 hours a day, Sautun Noor is an internet radio station that broadcasts across the world from South Africa. It is aimed to the Muslim community and it was created in honor and memory of Akaabireen.

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