Sirius FM


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Castillo/Essam Muhammad - Voice of ThunderLive
  • Network Stream
  • Arabic - La Nubaali
  • Siddiq Ismail - Naseeb Aaj Apne
  • Ya Laylu
  • Haitham Al Dukhin - 076 Al Insan
  • Allahu Nur Sterio
  • Muhammad Siddeeq al-Minshawi - 0019 Surat Al-Jathiya
  • Qari Waheed Zafar - Durood M 4
  • Imam Al-Haddad - My Lord's Knowledge Suffices Me


Sirius FM was established in 2011 aiming to serve the Islamic community. It has listeners all across the world and features songs, naats, motivational talks, quranic recitals, lecturs and much more.


Sirius FM Cc, 139 Second Street, Springs, 1560, South Africa
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