Urban Fusion Radio


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Through its eclectic programming, this South African radio station aims to benefit the community of Pretoria and the surrounding area, valuing local artists, musicians, filmmakers and journalists, in addition to giving voice to the underprivileged, being Afro-centric and having relevant content for and about the queer community.

Main Programs

  • Well Of Introspection
  • Sports Desk
  • The Love Boat
  • Spiritual Thursday
  • Re A Nyadisa
  • Shrek The Minor
  • Groove Train
  • Faith Review
  • Intimacy Of Soul
  • Thoriso

Main DJs

  • Sister Grace
  • Tumi
  • Putsa Ninefive
  • Dikeledi Slaygogo
  • Te Haricane
  • Bless Les
  • Happyman
  • Thobzen
  • Ms Prudy
  • Red Pearl
  • Preshiiy
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